Moscow: Bomb Threat and Evacuation

Moscow: Bomb Threat and Evacuation

Approximately 3000 people were removed from three different train stations in Moscow, Russia after a phone call was received from an unknown person by security officers that warned of one of more explosive devices.

Passengers and employees were quickly removed to safety from the railways as bomb squads were quickly deployed to comb through the train railways.

The bomb squad brought in bomb sniffing dogs to check the Kazansky, Leningradsky, and Yaroslavsky train stations. All three stations are location in the north eastern location of Moscow.

Eyewitness said ambulances and fire and rescue were said to have been dispatched to all three locations, but no injuries or deaths have been reported.


The [UK] Express reports that a source said “Phone calls warning of bombs at the Kazansky and Leningradsky stations railways stations promted evacuations of one thousand people from each site.”

The source also stated “A further 750 people were evacuated from the Yaroslavsky station.”

The source further said “We are waiting for the explosive sniffing dogs.”

Breitbart reports that police have said no explosives were found.

Putin has had his driver and body guard killed in what appears to be a CIA manufactured accident. He has also lost an ambassador in a murder at an art gallery while giving a speech.

Is this bomb threat the next event to cause chaos and additional stress in the Kremlin? Are these events foreshadowing of what the globalist elites have planned for Putin, as they may be seeking revenge for Putin?

It’s worth pondering.

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