Conor McGregor rides a horse completely naked in his latest advert

Conor McGregor rides a horse completely naked in his latest advert

One thing is certain: these adverts for the Pegasus World Cup Invitational are definitely doing their job, because we’d never heard of the event before and now we feel like we’ve seen far too much of it.

Conor McGregor’s latest advertising spot for the horse racing competition might be the best yet, as it sees The Notorious finally in his rightful place: strutting around with a crown on his head.

Oh, and naked on a horse.

We can’t imagine McGregor comes cheap for an advert, but this is the third he’s featured in for Pegasus in recent weeks.

This one, dubbed episode three, sees McGregor and his coach getting on a little better than we’d seen them in the first two.

Here’s where it started, with McGregor declaring he wanted to become the greatest pound-for-pound jockey the world had ever seen…

And as McGregor himself knows as well as anyone, you don’t get to the top without hard work.

There have also been some more colourful prompts from McGregor to enter the invitational along the way.

It comes as a fight between McGregor and Floyd Mayweather looks more likely than at any point over the last year, with the Irishman weighing up his options for his return to UFC.

Hopefully we’ll soon be seeing The Notorious back in the Octagon or in the ring, instead of just naked on a horse…

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